How's everyone doing? We are hard at work on finishing up the final mixes of the last couple songs off the album! Time has really been flying and we are absolutely stoked to release the album very soon. Summer is almost officially upon us and what better time of year then to throw on some Kaya's Embrace with your friends or family. Lot's of big opportunities coming up for us and we feel so blessed to be able to share our journey with all of you beautiful people so keep sharing,listening and supporting. Yall are the reason we can make this great music and we will always remember that! 


We've just released the full length version of our hit song, "Esmerelda". This song was without a doubt the most fun song for us to make. We came up with it in the back of a UPS store and the rest is history. We only have a few more songs left to master and then we'll be releasing our debut album! Time is flying by and we're currently getting ready to start doing live shows again. We've been so focused on getting the album done that we haven't been able to play out in a while. Thanks again to everyone who has shown love & support, we look forward to releasing this new music to yall! -One Love

Beats Per Moment



We are very pleased to announce that our debut album, Beats Per Moment will be released this spring of 2016. Watership Studios have recorded and produced this for us and we couldn't be happier or more anxious to release it! Please feel free to check out some of our covers on our facebook fan page until then and keep checking the website for updates on anything else we're up to. Thanks for the support, One Love! -Kayas Embrace